Mortgage Broker – FREE. Everything else – A price tag

So you have decided to purchase a property? Or perhaps you have decided you need to upgrade and therefore need to sell your property and purchase a new one. Home loans and mortgage brokers

, open homes, LIM reports, title searched and lawyer bills. It is often a pretty daunting task purchasing and/or selling a property. What plenty of people do not realise is mortgage brokers can remove the stress from a big chunk of it. The use of a mortgage broker is completely free. Who pays us? The bank you get your mortgage through. Therefore, we provide you with the service and someone else pays for it. Win. Win.

Moving house is no cheap task.  The mortgage broker – free. Everything else – a price tag. Here’s a quick run-down of the costs associated with moving house.

When going through the purchasing process, you will need the help and knowledge of a lawyer. Your lawyer will carry out all the conveyancing once you buy your house but before that step, the lawyer with liaise with the real estate agent and get the sales and purchase agreement looking as it should.

It is a wise idea to get a builders report a LIM report so you know all the details about the property you are buying. These two tasks can often come to more than $1000 combined. Whether hiring a truck or employing professional movers, this is a cost you need to factor in also, as well as expenses such as connection of power, phone, and internet and other utilities.

Once you have settled into your new home, there are a few more regular costs. Insurance is a must on a property, and you will find banks are unlikely to offer a mortgage without insurance set up for the day of settlement. Life insurance is also a really good idea so your partner (or yourself) is not left with a massive mortgage to pay in the unfortunate event of the death of your spouse. Rates also will be required for payment – most City Councils allow this to be paid weekly, fortnightly or annually.

So yes – there are a lot of costs assicuated with moving house. But if you’re looking to purchase your first home in Hamilton, or you’re looking for a mortgage broker who can help you climb the property ladder, talk to Priority Home Loans in Hamilton – out service is free!

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