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Priority Life Insurance is a beautiful mix of genuine care for clients and dynamic ambition for top quality service. To empower our clients with the knowledge and security they need to create a better financial future. Even when hit with the unexpected.

Our Mission

To educate our clients on what insurance is available to ensure they understand the insurance they’ve put in force and can rest assured it’ll cover what they want at claim time.

Our Goal

To make life insurance easy to understand and fit for purpose. That way we can improve the claims experience for more and more Kiwis

Why People Choose Us

We understand how to effectively guide you through the life insurance selection process and avoid potential problems along the way.

Expert Advice

Experience with all life insurers and products, past and present so you can expect professional advice in real time.

Educated Decision

We provide options tailored to your needs and wants, then work with you to refine your cover until its a life insurance policy you’ve chosen.

Claim Time

All insurance is created equal until claim time. We’re there to help fill out paperwork, and have the difficult conversation with insurers so you can focus on the healing process… whatever the claim may be.


We have the right Life Insurance solution for everyone

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Life Reviews

If you already have cover, great. We partner with all the best insurers in NZ. We’ll look to adjust and keep what you have, and we’ll check its still the best insurer for you along the way.

Personal life and health insurance

Our process starts with talking you through all the different products available so you know exactly what and how you want to insure. We’re then there to hold your hand through everything from the set up to a claim.

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Business, life and disability insurance

Business Insurance comes with many considerations: shareholders, ownership, revenue, tax deductibility, ACC and more. We’ll keep it simple and talk you through all of it. We’ll then balance it with your personal insurance so you can save on the money you draw. from your business.

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Estate planning review

We’re in life insurance, we ensure life claims pay quickly and to the right person. Sometimes, the legal system can hold things up – in one case for us, a claim was sitting in a lawyers trust account for over 2 years. We’ll provide you the clarity you need to set your cover up appropriately so that you can get it right for your family. The people who need it most.


We’re a claims focussed company that work for our clients, not the insurers. We set policies up to pay claims. But we also make sure they pay claim. We, our families and you all pay for insurance so we’re here to make sure your cover works when you need it most. So whether you’re a client of ours or you have a claim you can’t get moving, touch base, we want to make sure you’re looked after.

How does it work?

We have a fast and easy application process.

45-60 minutes of exploration and education on what’s out there and what is best suited for you.

It’s not all about the best price, or moving to a new insurer, its about making the most of what’s on offer. You’ll get the advice you need to set you up for paying and claiming life insurance.

We are here to regularly review your cover, to increase or decrease it depending on how your circumstances have changed. Most of all we’re here to hold your hand at claim time.

Our Five Star Customer Rating

We love our clients and they love us back, watch their stories about us.

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We provide access to New Zealand’s leading insurers, all in one place.

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