How to make an offer (Part 1)

What happens when you find your dream home? You’ve been looking for a while and you finally found the one. What an exciting time! But what’s next? How much should you offer? What clauses should you put in the offer letter? Over the next couple of week’s I’ll guide you through the process of making an offer. Starting with…

#howtomakeanoffer Part One: Talk to your lawyer!

When you sign a sale and purchase agreement you are signing a legal document. When your signing a legal document, the “She’ll be right” approach is not recommended. You need to make sure you fully understand what exactly you are signing up. A pro-active approach is always better than a reactive approach. You are better off seeking legal advice before you sign a sale and purchase agreement because after you have signed the dotted line it is quite difficult to request changes.

Your solicitor is going to be the person that conducts the transaction for you. They give you advice before you sign the sale and purchase agreement, help arrange the LIM report (and identify any issues, if any that show up on the LIM), they confirm with the vendor’s lawyer when you have gone unconditional, they go over the loan documents with you and they are the ones that make sure that the payment is made on settlement date.

So we’ve established the importance of getting legal advice, but how do you pick the right lawyer? You’ll want to find someone that you know, like and trust. Only you can establish that connection, but I can give you a few names to point you in the right direction.

Watch this space for more tips on making an offer

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