2016 is your year to invest in Hamilton properties

It’s all happening in Hamilton: 2016 is your year to invest in Hamilton properties.

Hamilton: not too busy, not too windy. While the media distracts itself watching Auckland house prices booming like so many extravagant reworks, Hamilton has consistently risen up as the potential-packed dark horse of the New Zealand housing market.

With a mild climate, low crime rate, and plenty of open space accessible to the public, it’s only a matter of time before the rest of New Zealand realizes they’d like a portion of this ‘just right’ porridge.

Looking at things long term, it’s clear right away that rental and property prices in The Tron are already on the rise, especially if a property has been well maintained. As an investor you’ll reap your ever-growing reward as both income and property capital continue to grow here. Hamilton home loans can get you set up comfortably in the city now, and Priority Home Loans are your expert Hamilton mortgage brokers; here to make that process painless and rewarding.

Need further convincing? Let’s take a quick look at what Hamilton has got in store for potential investors.

To start, Hamilton is by no means a ‘small town’, coming in statistically as the fourth largest urban area in New Zealand with a predicted population increase of 181,000 by the year 2030.

But why are so many now heading to Hamilton? One word: opportunity. Working men and women find opportunity in the form of jobs, and students are flocking by the thousands for the reasonably priced education on offer for them at The University of Waikato. So where’s the opportunity for you, the investor? Just a few more words: rental property. A Hamilton mortgage broker could help you set up a rental property that could see tenants bringing you in a steady income straight away.

Finally, let us consider Hamilton’s placement. Hamilton is nestled in the heart of the Waikato; New Zealand’s thriving centre of agriculture, biotechnology, light innovation and transport logistics. You get the best of both worlds living the city life while being surrounded by rolling emerald green hills and bush. Proximity is another appealing plus, as you’re only an hours drive away from Auckland and a short 60 minute drive away from the sunny Bay Of Plenty.

The key to clever property investment is to invest in a growing market such as Hamilton, where the demand for property and rentals is increasing steadily every day. If you are ready to jump on this gem of an opportunity, get in touch with Priority Home Loans and secure your spot in the Hamilton house market race today!

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